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You recently received a new offer for 2017 from your health care provider. The amount of your premium depends on your basic premium and your additional insurance policies. You can save a lot by comparing insurance policies! More of this story:

The content of your basic health insurance is the same for every insurer. The premium for this basic insurance, on the other hand, differs per insurer. The cabinet expects a small premium increase of 3.50 euros per month. In practice, the increase is likely to be higher. Your deductible remains the same as in 2016, namely 385 euros.


What will change in your basic insurance in 2017?


Plastic surgery with medical necessity

Plastic surgery with medical necessity

Breast prostheses for women without breast formations, eyelid correction for severe vision impairment and medically necessary circumcision (male circumcision) are reimbursed.


Physiotherapy treatments on display legs

Full reimbursement of 37 physiotherapy treatments for the treatment of shop window legs. In 2016 there is still a reimbursement from the 21st treatment.


Front tooth replacement for young people up to and including the age of 22

Physiotherapy treatments on display legs

If before the 18th year of a young person the cutting or canine tooth has not been laid or lost due to an accident, a young person is entitled to front tooth replacement from 2017 up to and including his 22nd year. In 2016, only young people up to the age of 18 are entitled to this treatment.


A short-term stay in a healthcare institution

For patients who are temporarily unable to live at home for medical reasons, a short-term stay in a care institution from 2017 is covered by the basic insurance.


Personal contribution for implant-worn dental prostheses


From 2017, the personal contribution for an implant-worn dental prosthesis is 10 percent for the lower jaw and 8 percent for the upper jaw. In 2016, the fixed personal contribution is 125 euros. The personal contribution of 25 percent for a normal dental prosthesis is maintained.

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