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People looking for non-bank loans, most often reach for them for a specific reason. Among such reasons, the problem with obtaining a loan by a traditional method, i.e. in a bank, is most often mentioned.

And why can banks reject our loan application? Here, there can be at least several specific reasons, one of the most common is low creditworthiness or negative credit history in BIK databases.

Most people hope that if the bank rejected their loan

Most people hope that if the bank rejected their loan

Application because of a negative BIK, they will successfully obtain such a loan from a non-bank company. Well, it is not so certain, because nowadays more and more loan companies verify our data through the Credit Information Bureau or BIK . Yes, the same which, at every opportunity, is also verified by banks. Until recently, access to these databases was reserved exclusively for banks, but for some time also companies granting non-bank loans or payday loans have been willingly verifying the data of borrowers via BIK databases.

Such databases are most often visited by people who have not always settled their obligations towards various companies and institutions on time. We mainly mean electricity bills, water bills, invoices for internet or cable TV.

Do not worry, however, if you have had some minor delays reaching several days and not longer than a month, you have not been entered into such debtors’ databases. They receive people who have late repayments over 30 days from the date of repayment, or have not paid their liabilities for a long time.

Which companies grant loans without verification in BIK?

Which companies grant loans without verification in BIK?

You can easily check this by reaching for the current list of proven non-bank loan companies, where the detailed information includes the “Verification in BIK” tab and information on what debts the person applying for a loan cannot have. In general, loan companies would split half-and-half when it comes to verification in BIK databases, half checking them and half checking only KRD and other debtors’ databases.

Therefore, without major obstacles, you should find such companies through which you will get the loan you need without checking the data in BIK . However, it should be remembered that in some loan companies (especially those without bikes) the cost of loans may be slightly higher than in other companies. 

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