What is a financial fraud?What is a financial fraud?

According to the Good Finance, it is considered as a financial fraud to all the actions carried out by an individual with the objective of obtaining an own benefit at the expense of another person’s finances. In most cases, fraudsters just want to get their victim’s personal and bank details to carry out an illegal action.

Here are some of the most common financial frauds:

When a company offers fast credits with very few requirements and at preferential rates, you should be alert. No one can ask you for advance payments or personal information (such as your PIN) to process a loan. The same thing happens with loans without a bureau. These offers are usually hooks to scam people.

Identity theft


According to the Good Finance in Mexico, conducted by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, 27% of cybernauts have been victims of identity theft. In this type of fraud they use your information to make transfers or buy in your name.

Informal methods


Applying for money with lenders or participating in batches are, apparently, very simple ways to obtain loans or save. Unfortunately, the informal nature of these methods converts any transaction into an exchange between individuals, so there is no support from public bodies if a person does not respect the loan agreements or decides to keep the money saved.

Cyber ​​frauds

Although online transactions are increasingly secure, there are still ways in which fraudsters can steal your information. Never visit sites that reach your email via spam or your phone by message. When you need your account information, be sure to type in the address of your bank or financial institution and verify that the site starts with “https” and has a lock in the address bar.

Fast and easy money

Fast and easy money

Savings chains or businesses that offer high interest appear to be very attractive schemes to obtain fast money. The problem is that they are unreal and unsustainable. Do not be tempted to invest in pyramids or “miraculous” businesses.

Take care of your money

Whenever you have to make transactions or requests do so with serious institutions recognized by law. In Good Lender you can easily obtain a secure online loan because we are regulated by both the Good Finance and the National Banking and Securities Commission. Sign up today and get your first loan with 50% discount.

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