Save money on gifts without reducing quality

Giving gifts to someone who deserves attention doesn’t have to mean emptying the account for money for that reason. Therefore, before spending your grocery budget for a full month on a gift or two.

5 amazing tips that show you exactly how to save money on gifts without sacrificing quality

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1. Food as a gift, instead of money

food gift

For acquaintances or friends, something as simple as a little sweet chocolate or a jar of something fancy, or something imported can do the trick for a great gift, but with little expense. If you want to be very frugal, you can make your own baked gift, wrap it and give away. A juicy cake or a packet of cakes are both wonderful gifts.

2. Magazines and magazines

2. Magazines and magazines

A subscription to a magazine is remarkably cheap, and they are a gift that continues throughout the year. Try to find a magazine that fits the recipient’s interests. For example, if the person you want to give the gift loves to drive, give them a subscription to a car magazine.

3. The Charitable Donation

3. The Charitable Donation

Give to charity by making a donation in the gift recipient’s name to a favored charity. You don’t have to say how much was donated. So whether you donated $ 100 or $ 200, attach a single card that reads “a charitable donation was made in your name to _______”, a fun and original gift.

4. Create something creative

4. Create something creative

It’s all about making your own gifts to save money. If you have a sewing machine, are good at knitting or even have a trick to paint, it’s time to get your finger out and start creating something.

Making a gift yourself is a great way to give a piece of yourself, as you are sure the recipient will value highly.

5. Garden gifts

How about a gift for the season, plant your garden with friends in mind – from beautiful bouquets to pretty small plants. When it comes to gifts, nothing beats a basket full of self-grown tomatoes.

Remember that giving gifts doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money!

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