Corporate health insurance. Understand the importance of this benefit

Good employee management takes into account the benefits that will attract talent to the company and reduce the productivity drop due to employee evasion. And among the many benefits that a company can offer, is business health insurance.

Also known as health insurance, this benefit is a coverage of medical, dental and hospital expenses similar to the health plan, but with some differences. In this article, we will learn more about this modality and what are the advantages of implementing it.

Business health insurance x health plan

Business health insurance x health plan

The ANS does not distinguish between the two modalities for registration purposes, but it is important to know that yes, there are some crucial differences between them.

The most important is that health insurance works on the basis of reimbursement of medical expenses: the insured pays for their health costs at the service provider they choose and then presents the invoice for the insurance, which will reimburse the value – in the insurance plans. health, repayment is a rare practice.

Another difference is that health insurance does not offer an accredited network, but rather a referenced network of professionals and health facilities. In health plans, the beneficiary needs to consult in an accredited network.

In health insurance, a referral network is an option for the insured: if they choose doctors and hospitals referenced, you do not need to keep the invoice and demand the insurance refund. But it can choose service providers outside of this network and are guaranteed to receive reimbursement of any amounts invested – as long as they are within the contracted limits.

Retention and Attraction of Talents

Retention and Attraction of Talents

The main reason for having a health insurance or business health insurance is the same as any other benefit: attracting the best and most qualified talents to the company, and keeping them interested in continuing there, basic concepts of people management.

Since most Brazilian companies offer business health insurance or health insurance, this benefit is practically mandatory and helps

In addition, hiring a health insurance company can also mitigate risks within the company, especially those related to the well-being and health of employees. This is because health problems can cause real harm to the business with the absence of important and strategic employees.

Having a plan or health insurance, in addition to effective communication actions, make this employee more focused on preventing more serious problems. The insurance will make it frequent with more consultations with more regularity and avoid the aggravation of controllable situations.

Financial impact

Financial impact

Like any benefit, a health insurance is a significant financial impact for any size of company, since the expenses are proportional to the number of employees hired.

But there are some important strategies to try to reduce this cost, such as combining favorable readjustment indices at the time of signing the contract and using the number of likely insured as bargaining partners.

Another possibility is to consider lower values ​​for the insurance in case the employee’s accident rate; and to ensure ever-lower levels, the company can invest in health promotion and prevention actions.

It is also possible to reduce the accident rate, to ensure that the insured employees use the plan responsibly. Charging a co – participation rate between 10% and 20% is a common practice, but educational actions that explain how, for example, re-using different doctors’ exams may have better long-term effects and do not affect the employee’s sense of satisfaction with business health insurance.

Now that you have understood what health insurance is, get in touch to find out what is the best option for your company and remedy any remaining questions!

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