How to Save Money for a Backpack in 5 Steps


 Are you the kind of person who has a giant list of places to visit and is planning several trips? Do not feel alone! Many times we feel like traveling to various places, but we are stuck with an essential element: money. Gathering money for your next trip though, is not an impossible mission. A change in your daily habits, a structured planning and a good amount of organization allow you to raise money to travel a lot without going overboard in your day to day.

Want to know how to achieve this feat? Check out our tips:

Have a goal and a set planning

Have a goal and a set planning

The first tip for anyone who wants to save money is: never spend more than you earn. Therefore, stipulate the amount of money you can save (by day, week, month, or year) and plan to save that amount periodically. What matters here is not the value saved, but the dedication so that, after a period of time, you can fulfill the established goal.

In this goal, put a deadline and the amount you want to save. And already start planning the trip. The sooner you start researching lodging, travel and even travel insurance , the better for your pocketbook. To facilitate your research, use the technology to your advantage. On sites like ComparaOnline it is possible to quote on the internet the travel insurance according to the destination, date and reason of the trip, having access to the best offers in the market.

Get Organized Financially

Get Organized Financially

To know how much you can save, just know your financial reality. To do this, use your notebook, spreadsheets or even applications that can help you in financial control. So, write down all your income and expenses and, at the end of a month, analyze what can be cut out of your budget to be invested in a future trip.

Sometimes it seems impossible to cut budget items, but have you ever thought about bringing lunchboxes a few days a week? Or cut out that magazine signature you never read? We separate 50 tips for you to learn how to save money .

Choose to use public transport

Choose to use public transport

If you have a car and are accustomed to using it to solve all sorts of problems, maybe that is the most difficult change. Although it offers more comfort, the car generates many expenses. So, whenever possible, opt for public transport, walking or cycling to get around. We did a simulation that compares the cost of transport and.

Avoid Unnecessary Spending

Avoid Unnecessary Spending

Think twice before spending money on superfluous products or services! This compulsive attitude of spending money on unnecessary things can disrupt (and much) your plans to raise money to travel. This tip is also valid for those who do not usually research prices before buying a product or contracting a service. This practice allows you to have real notion about the value of things and spend less on a day to day basis.

Learn to cook and eat at home

Learn to cook and eat at home

You can be happy, gastronomically speaking, without having to pay an absurdly expensive bill in a restaurant. So, abuse the internet to discover easy (or even more sophisticated) recipes and ensure that special dinner over the weekend. That way, in addition to saving money for your trip, you can discover new talents.

If the problem goes further and the income is very low, check out this other post where we listed 5 application tips for you to have an extra income using the technology.


Individual Retirement Account – Whether to Invest? | Financial Advice

An individual retirement account should be treated as a simple investment with the possibility of an additional tax credit.

The pension system in force in Poland does not exclude private savings. Everyone has the right to, for example, set up an account in a bank for which you can allocate money. In addition, the state has created voluntary forms of saving dedicated to pension purposes that function within the so-called third pillar. We now have three products available, but rather legal structures: A critique at

  • individual retirement account (IKE),
  • individual retirement account (IKZE),
  • employee pension schemes (PPE).

The first two are individual accounts that can be set up by anyone over the age of 16. However, PPE can only offer an employer to its employees because it is a collective program.

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Ready solution

One of the possibilities of collecting for your own, higher retirement are Individual Pension Accounts (IKE). Although you can save money there for almost 15 years, there are still few people doing it. And it pays off.

The biggest advantage of IKE is the possibility of exemption from 19%. capital gains tax if two conditions are met. One of them is the age of 60 at the time of payment or 55 years with the simultaneous acquisition of pension rights, and the second – the internship of the funds collected. They must be set aside for at least five calendar years. Withdrawal of funds from IKE after reaching the retirement age can be one-off (eg for a holiday of life) or installment (and complement the pension received).

IRAs can be conducted in many forms – they are run by investment funds, brokerage houses and banks or pension companies and insurance companies. Having such an account, as opposed to paying social security contributions, is voluntary. Each Pole can have only one account, but you can always transfer the funds accumulated on it to another institution that runs an individual retirement account.

The IKE has an annual deposit limit announced annually by the Ministry of Labor. In 2018, it is PLN 13,329. It is still a pretty high amount when it comes to regularly postponing and investing funds for retirement, especially if we take into account the fact that only one in five Poles saves for retirement in any way, and if we already save, , the monthly savings amounts oscillate around a few hundred zlotys on average.

You can always withdraw

An important aspect of IKE is the fact that they are fully our means, which we can freely dispose of – like savings in the bank. Saving money on IKE, you can collect large funds that do not have to be frozen until you retire. You can withdraw part or all of them at any time. Then, however, we will lose tax breaks, and the deposit in IKE will be treated like any other investment in the capital market – it will be covered by 19%. “Belki” tax. So it is not worth doing so before the age of 60. It is better to wait and take advantage of the fiscal relief.

The amount of deposits and withdrawals can be adjusted to your needs and abilities in compliance with the rules set by the offering entity. Deposits can also be temporarily reduced or even suspended.

IKE is a relatively cheap product, if we compare it with traditional investment in investment funds, and the funds accumulated on it can ensure financial security for both its owner and his relatives. They are subject to inheritance. In addition, you can indicate salaried persons who will receive funds in the event of death of the account holder. And it does not have to be relatives who will receive the money they collect in case of death. In this case, they will also not pay capital gains tax.

Safe old age

 Safe old age

Why is it worth saving at IKE? In this way, you can first of all secure your life in retirement, but also to raise funds for the education of children, for an apartment, for the future. Due to the possibility of partial and full withdrawals, IKE is a great investment supplement or an alternative to long-term investment in investment funds. The Individual Pension Account has been designed in a sense as a systematic saving program with an additional bonus in the form of a tax credit if the conditions listed above are met.

With particularly low interest rates, IKE can provide higher profits than deposits or bonds – although you can also have IKE in the form of deposits or bonds.

One of the interesting solutions within the IKE are investment funds. Their plus is a lot of flexibility. What is it actually about? Thanks to the selection of IKE in the form of investment funds, the client can manage his investment by transferring funds between sub-funds. This form gives you the opportunity to create a portfolio of several asset classes, such as equity or bond subfunds, or mixed stock. This means that we can regulate the level of risk and profit potential by choosing the right one. Investing by IKE into investment funds also carries some risk. Unit prices are changing and the funds do not guarantee profits. However, if the portfolio is diversified depending on the investment horizon and risk appetite, we can limit them.

Michał Ziętal, Director of Investment Communication at PKO TFI

It is unlikely to convince readers of Rzeczpospolita that it is worth putting off money for the future. Therefore, I would just like to emphasize that if we are already saving or investing, it is worth to do it as effectively as possible, and IKE and IKZE are created for that. Not only are they privileged with taxation in relation to other “non-retirement” solutions on the market, they usually have more attractive interest rates or fees on the background of other products of financial institutions that offer them.


4 Signs the Tuition Debt Bubble Growing – 2019


There are ominous signals that the guilt bubble of the college college is snowing. That will probably not surprise you if you are a young adult or the parent of a teenager, because there is a good chance that you are keenly aware of the rising costs associated with a college education. Anecdotes from parents or grandparents about paying for a university with a summer job seem like a dream – but how bad is the current situation? Read on to find out more.

The bubble of the college-college: proof that it is growing

The bubble of the college-college: proof that it is growing

These four trends are evidence of the increasing level of debt that Americans are taking on to pay for post-secondary education.

1. The costs of tuition fees are increasing.

If your tuition keeps you awake at night, there is a good reason for that. Even after correction for inflation, tuition fees and costs have tripled since the mid-1970s for private schools and almost four times for public schools. College costs more, and even less expensive public school education is not immune to the trend of rising tuition fees. This trend is probably Anthony Adverseijk responsible for a second worrying trend: the rise in student Anthony Adverseeningen’s debt. Since 2003, the number of people taking out loans has risen by 4% and the amount that people borrow has risen by $ 3, 200. The result: more people owe more money.

2. More families are turning to private loans.

Federal student loans are preferable to private student loans because they are sometimes subsidized (meaning that interest rates do not grow while the borrower is in school), have fixed interest rates and come with a series of loan repayments and even loan authorization plans for those who qualify. Private loans, on the other hand, do not always guarantee a fixed interest rate (and often charge a higher interest rate than a federal loan), do not offer forgiveness plans, often have compensation and may even confiscate your spouse with your student loan debt if you die before it dies paid off. Because private loans are available faster than federal loans, the volume of the private loan in 2030 is expected to exceed the volume of the federal loan. (Read more about how to borrow for college in our self-study: All about student loans .) <

3. Students drop out – with a lot of debts.

Almost 50% of the students drop out before they obtain a bachelor’s degree; given the rising costs of school and the increase in the number of people borrowing for their education, this means that many people carry the burden of student Anthony Adverseenen’s loan without the benefit of a diploma. In fact, 30% of borrowers of loans stop. The average annual salary for a graduate is $ 59,124 a year, while the average annual salary for someone with a college or university and no degree is $ 38,376 a year

is. A wage gap of nearly $ 21,000 a year, plus the burden of student loan repayment, is a difficult financial situation for everyone. 4. Borrowers struggle to repay their student loans.

Given the rising debt Anthony Adverseast for students, it is not surprising that many borrowers cannot repay their loans on time. About 15% have not paid more than a year and are in default and another 15% are more than a month late with their payments. Unlike all other debts, the student Anthony Adverseeningen’s debt is not forgiven in bankruptcy, so borrowers have only two options: they can pay off their debt over time or suffer damage to their credit scores as long as they remain in default. A bad credit score can save borrowers thousands of dollars in costs if they end up paying higher interest rates on mortgages and car loans.

The bottom line

To prevent you from being caught in the growing debt of student Anthony Adverseening, you have to do your homework. Before investing in the university, research the American Occupational Outlook Handbook from the American Labor Statistics Office to find out what the future demand for your field is and what you can reasonably expect to earn. Consider a community college or a public school about a private school.

If you have already landed in the debt soap and are having trouble making payments, call your lender to see if you can set up an alternative repayment plan; Many lenders prefer to work with you to get your loans repaid than when a loan is in default. As with all financial situations, having a plan is the first step to success. Consult for more help


Stock Market for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know


 Have you ever thought about investing in the stock market, but you were afraid you did not know anything? Know that it was not the only one and that many successful investors also started like this, from scratch. Some people believe that the stock market for beginners is forbidden, or at least inappropriate, terrain. But there is a considerable difference between being a beginner and being conservative, which would be an unsuitable investor profile for the stock exchange.

To help guide this path, we have prepared a post with the basic information about the stock exchange for those who want to start understanding and studying some investments! Follow us:

What is the Stock Exchange?

What is the Stock Exchange?

To better understand what the stock exchange is, you must first know what the so-called stocks are. You have certainly heard the term before, but do you really know what they represent? A stock is the smallest part of a company’s capital, that is, a small piece of it. It is as if a company were divided into thousands of bits that could be bought by anyone who would become a small partner thereafter – or large, depending on the number of shares purchased.

The stock exchange is then the place where stocks are traded. Not all companies have publicly traded stock, that is, they have shares traded on the stock exchange. To know which are listed on the Bovespa, the São Paulo stock exchange, you can perform a search by clicking here.

Types of actions

Types of actions

There are two types of stocks that can be bought on the stock exchange. The preferred (PN) and the ordinary (ON). The calls PN do not give voting rights, that is, the shareholder does not participate in the important decisions of the company. However, companies divide their profits among shareholders, and those who have this type of action tend to receive a higher percentage than those who bought ON-type shares. In addition, the preferred ones have greater ease of buying and selling.

On the other hand, the ordinary ON, despite receiving a lower percentage of profits, also called dividends, give voting rights in assembly. However, it should be noted that the vote is proportional to the number of shares, that is, if you have only one share of a large company, your vote will not serve much.

How to Invest in Stocks

How to Invest in Stocks

The shares are traded on Bovespa through brokerage firms. For a brokerage firm to be able to trade on the stock exchange, it must be authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM). The CVM regulates stock exchange operations and before choosing the best broker to start investing it is essential to search the CVM website and make sure that it is properly enabled.

Once your brokerage is chosen, there are two ways to trade stocks: the trader or investor partner. The trader is that person who wins with the stock price swing, that is, who buys a stock when it has the low price and sells it when it appreciates. For this, it relies on graphical analysis of trends to predict the future and know the best time to buy and sell.

Already the partner investor is the one that makes their purchases based on the revenue of the company and accumulates actions of those that believe that they will prosper more in the long term. In this way, it profits by growing them and receiving dividends.

And you, what is your investment profile? Ever been convinced that the stock market for beginners is a good type of investment to begin with? Comment below and share your questions and experiences with us!


Where to Invest in 2019 | Financial Advice

In 2019, there will be opportunities to earn a living. We asked the analysts what to invest their capital in.

Last year disappointed holders of shares listed on the WSE. In the opinion of the majority of experts, negative factors will continue to prevail in the market and weigh on the domestic indices.

– In our opinion, defensive and non-cyclical companies should be relatively better than the entire market. WIG20 will follow other emerging markets. The funds raised in open pension funds are a big question mark (the PPK has already entered into force and the government may take up the subject of OFE at the end of 2019). We forecast a further decline of WIG20, mWIG40 and sWIG80 in 2019, but we see a chance for a rebound at the end of this year – Union Investment TFI managers are predicting. Therefore, it is worth thinking about portfolio diversification and the inclusion of other equity or asset classes into it.

Western Europe can positively surprise

Geographic diversification will be the key to profits on the stock market. In the opinion of experts in 2019, they can positively surprise the Western European stock markets.

– The business cycle in Western Europe has been slowing down since the beginning of 2018. Long-term tendencies pictured by such leading indicators as PMI in a fairly good way, at least historically, projected the stock market trend in Western Europe, in particular on the German stock exchange. The entire year 2018 was a period of decline in the value of these indicators, which directly translated into the results of the German DAX. The negative information is that these indicators will probably be in a downward trend for several months. The positive factors can be indicated by the fact that a large part of the above-mentioned falls is probably behind us. It may turn out that the second half of 2019 will be a period of reversal of negative tendencies in the European economy, while stock markets will grow on the basis of expectations for an improvement in the economic situation – experts in Vienna Life believe.

In their opinion, in contrast to the US, the valuations of European companies have normalized, which means that the growth space has increased. – Investors present on the US market may in the second half of the year look for other geographical areas for capital investment, in this scenario Western Europe seems an interesting choice – they indicate.

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Despite the weaker prospects, the experts do not completely delete the US stock market. The key to profit will be the selection of sectors and companies. – However, we believe that in the coming year we will see growth on the American indices, although they will cost investors much more nerves than in previous years. Existing growth leaders, namely FAANG companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google), may be replaced by other technology companies. Defensive companies from the so-called old economy should behave much better, as investors will gradually prepare themselves for deteriorating stock market sentiment. That is why proper selection and diversification of the portfolio has never been so important – emphasize Vienna Life experts.

g1 g2 gielda GAR 20171123 99 Geographic diversification will be the key to profits on the stock market. In what to invest in 2019. Fotorzepa, Robert Gardziński

In what to invest in 2019: bond time

In connection with the expected slowdown in global economic growth and the end of the cycle of interest rate increases in the US, there is no shortage of supporters of investments in US bonds. – In the case of tax debt, we are positive about the development of events in 2019. The beginning of January brought above average rates of return. Treasury bonds (especially the US and Germany) are considered a safe haven during the cycle change periods and historically around a year before the recession entered into, yields on long-term bonds started to fall sharply, providing investors with above-average profits. It is no different this time – indicate the managers of Quercus TFI.

At the same time, they see the chances of earning money on Polish papers. – 2019 also looks very good. Factors that influenced this market in previous years remain. Over the next quarters, we are positive about the Polish government bond market. It should be favored by limited supply of bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance, very low inflation rate, no interest rate hikes in Poland and an excellent budgetary position. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the approaching end of the cycle of interest rate hikes in the US and the slowdown in the economies of Western Europe make this scenario even more likely – think the managers of Quercus.

Gold will regain its glow

This year, precious metals may return to investors’ favors, which will be supported by growing uncertainty in financial markets. The ending economic cycle may increase interest in gold. Investors will want to protect themselves against rising inflation and the sale of risky assets. According to Vienna Life analysts, such a scenario can be expected this year. – Prices of this metal have been moving in quite a range of USD 1150-1350 per ounce for several years.

The increase in uncertainty in the stock markets, caused by possible further fights for economic supremacy between the United States and China (currently the agreement is in our opinion only a temporary suspension of arms), may support gold quotes. Two factors will be the key to success. The first of these is inflation, which gradually, though consistently, comes to life, supported by policy normalization by major central banks. The second is the fate of the American dollar. If the US Federal Reserve decided to reduce the rate of interest rate increases, it would have a negative impact on the dollar’s exchange rate, which would have a direct impact on the zloty exchange rate. In the opposite scenario, the dollar will maintain its role as a safe haven, although it is hard to expect such a strong growth rate of the American currency as it was in 2018 – analysts explain.

Where to invest in 2019 This year, precious metals may return to investors’ favors, which will be supported by growing uncertainty in financial markets. In what to invest in 2019. Fot. shutterstock

Oil with potential

Last year brought a reversal of the upward trend in crude oil. In the perspective of 2019 more arguments support the rebound of raw material prices.

– The WTI crude oil price rose sharply at the beginning of October and exceeded even 76 USD per barrel for a moment. Later, however, there was a dramatic collapse, which in mid-December brought quotations towards USD 45 per barrel. However, we believe that the mining cuts that OPEC and the cooperating cartel have agreed should be enough to balance the market. As a result, we expect a gradual rebound of the oil price to higher ceilings – experts DM TMS Brokers predict.

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During the correction lasting since October, speculative investors have limited their long net position in the oil market by over PLN 570,000. contracts. This proves that the drop in prices was caused primarily by speculation.

– Previous worse sentiment towards oil was observed during the last phase of decline in the raw bear market, i.e. in 2015-2016. This means that the inheritance potential has already been largely exhausted, and the space for potential rebound is really gigantic. Although we expect a clear rise in oil prices, it should be realized that the market environment will be very difficult all the time. The mining in the United States is growing steadily, they note.

What Is the Best Investment: Rent X Property Financing?


 When it comes to paying the rent, it is common for people to think that the money spent is money thrown away and that ideally, with the amount paid in rent, money to be invested in something that can become a patrimony. This reasoning is right, but only in parts. But after all, what is the best investment: rent x property financing? Check out:

Reasons to rent a property

Reasons to rent a property

If you are under the age of 30 or your family is not yet fully structured – that is, you are not yet married or have no children – rent will usually be the best choice . Anyone who defends the financing would say that it’s money thrown in the trash, so let’s justify it.

First of all, at the beginning of your career, as opportunities arise, it’s much more convenient for you to have no “roots,” that is, you can move from town to country. If you are into a real estate financing, these installments can be a “ceiling” for your career.

Secondly, the costs of maintaining a property of its own are not so low and, if the property is rented, these expenses will be significantly reduced, as well as improvements, which are always under the owner’s charge. If you need to deliver the property, just tell the owner a month before, without major expenses.

If you are single or if you are married and do not have children yet, a smaller property can comfortably accommodate you and your spouse, making you only pay for what you use , and you can save money to enter a future property of your own, for example.

Reasons to finance a property

Reasons to finance a property

Is your family already constituted? Is your career already set or nearing its peak? If you answered yes to these two questions, maybe it’s time for you to finance a property. This is because you will already have a good portion of FGTS to join your savings and give entry to your own home.

Depending on your savings, you will have the full amount to make the discharge of the property, because while paying rent, it saved a part, as there was no need to worry about any maintenance costs.

It is necessary to define the priorities for the career and the children. Once the situation is set, it is advisable to invest in a property. Even more than the liquidity of a property is not as high as that of a bank investment, for example, which makes it difficult to liquidate it in a time of need.

Rent x property financing: what is the right time?

Rent x property financing: what is the right time?

The later the purchase of the property occurs, the tendency is to pay less interest, because the savings formed for the acquisition of the property will be greater and, consequently, the interest to be paid will be lower. Psychological factors related to the ownership of an immovable property and the security of owning a property, even if financed, should not be considered in the decision.

Knowing how to differentiate the advantages and disadvantages of renting x property financing is fundamental for the financial health not only yours but of your whole family. Want to know how to renegotiate your rent with the owner and be able to take some time off your budget? 


Why a Credit Card Is Better Than a Payday Loan



Sometimes there is too much month at the end of the money. When an expense comes up that has to be paid and the money just isn’t there, you have a few options. Perhaps the most common way to use borrowed money to meet an obligation is to wipe with a credit card. However, there are other options if you cannot get a credit card or would rather not use it.

One way to borrow money in no time is to take out a payday loan. Payday lenders help their clients money while waiting for an upcoming salary. Suppose your car breaks down and the repair law is $ 400, but you cannot afford it. However, you will be paid a week from today. After the payday provider has verified your job and you have an active checking account, you write the lender a $ 450 post-dated check that covers the $ 400 you need plus a $ 50 financing fee. You receive $ 400 and have 14 days to complete the payment, and the financing costs, back to the lender. If you do not pay, the lender will attempt to cash the post-dated check. If this check bounces, massive fees and interest rates begin to accumulate.

For various reasons, credit cards are preferable to flash credits. They are easier to use, the interest rates and costs are lower and you do not have to interact with dubious characters to use them.

Ease of use

Ease of use

From 2015, the vast majority of sellers and sellers accept credit cards. Even mobile companies are able to process credit cards with smartphone apps. There are a few things that you will ever have to buy that cannot be paid by credit card.

Moreover, a credit card offers a continuous credit line. It is not necessary to request a new loan every time you want to borrow money. Suppose your credit limit is $ 3,000. As long as you keep your balance below this amount, you can borrow against your credit limit as often as you wish.

In contrast to payday loans, credit cards offer you the possibility to borrow a large amount of money and not repay it immediately, or even towards the end of the month. Instead, you can save your balance on your credit card with minimal payments. For a balance of $ 1, 000, for example, your minimum payment can be as low as $ 30 per month. Interest costs accumulate quickly when you only make minimal payments, but this option offers you flexibility when cash flows are tight.

Lower interest rates and fees

Lower interest rates and fees

Credit cards are rarely praised for low interest rates, but compared to flash loans they are a real bargain. Most credit cards contain annual percentages (APRs), which represent a percentage of the total financing costs for a year, between 12 and 24%. Various factors, especially your credit history, determine where your price falls within that range.

Payday loans, on the other hand, contain APRs that on average exceed 400% and in some cases even reach 5,000%. The example of the payday loan above, where a person borrows $ 400 and owes $ 450 after 14 days, represents an APR of 325%, even if the person pays on time and incurs no additional costs.

No interaction with suspicious characters


Although some payday publishers allow transactions to be fully performed by Darnayine, many of them still require that you visit a physical location. These companies are not in the best parts of the city and for one simple reason: they hunt for the poor and the financially desperate.

Payday lenders are also known to be shadow themselves. The industry is known for its aggressive and sometimes threatening collection tactics when borrowers are behind payments. To be honest, credit card collectors do not have a reputation as angels, but payday lenders are considered really horrible. No part of the payday loan process is simple, pleasant or cheap. Credit cards, although not without flaws, make borrowing money simple and, compared to the alternative, fairly cheap.